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  • Excellent Quality Printing
  • Finest Papers
  • "Online Proof" System
    • – Choice of imprint color
    • – Choice of lettering style
    • – Choice of font size
    • – Choice of verse/wording
    • – Preview typeset copy online
  • Quick Turnaround Time
    • – Order processing and production time for most items is 24 – 48 hours

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Catalog Requests
We do not produce mail-order catalogs; however, samples may be ordered (see "Samples" below).

Alternate Languages
We are able to print in languages other than English provided the alternate language uses letters from the English alphabet. A selection of Spanish verses is also available for your use on a number of items including wedding stationery, Quince Años invitations, and greeting cards.

Printing Limitations
Occasions Strategic Accounts reserves the right to refuse printing of any copy, particularly that which may be considered harassing, profane, or abusive in nature.

Uploading Photos/Artwork
Many of our products showcase a customer photo or allow for including a logo or other artwork. Uploading these files is easy; we'll guide you through the ordering process every step of the way. Begin by selecting an item that features a photo or other artwork and then click on "Personalize." There you will be prompted to register or sign in to upload your photo/artwork. Be sure you click on the "Help with image sizes and resolutions" link for file uploading guidelines and requirements.

Return Policy
Return Policy We do our best to make sure each item is shipped exactly as it is ordered. Please contact us at 1-877-290-8487 as soon as possible if you have a concern with your order. We want you to be completely satisfied.

If you'd like to see and feel the quality of any of our printed papers, blank samples are an inexpensive way to do just that. To order a sample, click on the item image and then click on the "Order a Sample" link below the image. The sample order will be placed in your shopping cart for further processing when you're ready to "check out". Please note that most, but not all, items offer the sample option.

We use "VeriSign" to provide protection for your credit card information. Your credit card number will be encrypted for safe transmission. We DO NOT store your credit card number after your order has been completed. You will need to re-enter your credit card every time you make a purchase. Your privacy is respected.

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Blind Embossing
Blind embossing is a printing technique done by pressing an image into a print surface to create a raised design. It is called "blind" embossing, because the design is created without ink or foil.

Bright White
Bright white is the ultimate in white; very crisp, pure, and vivid.

A card is a non-folding piece of paper with printing generally done on the front.

Debossing is a printing technique done by pressing an image into a print surface to create an indented design. The design is created without ink or foil.

Deckle Edge
A deckle edge is the natural, untrimmed edge of a paper usually slightly uneven and sometimes slightly thinner than the rest of the sheet.

Die Cutting
The process of using sharp metal rules to cut shapes and designs into paper from a metal form called a die. Die-cutting includes cutout shapes and sculpted edges.

Double Envelopes
A set of two envelopes traditionally used with formal invitations and announcements. The inner envelope holds the invitation and enclosures and is placed inside the outer envelope for mailing.

Ecru is a warm, creamy, very light brown color.

Embossing is a printing technique done by pressing an image into a print surface to create a raised design. Ink or foil is then applied to the raised design to add drama and dimension.

Engraving is a printing technique done by cutting an impression into the surface of a metal die. The die is then inked and wiped clean, leaving ink in the cavities of the impression. The paper/print material is then placed on the die and pressed into the cavities creating a raised, inked design.

Foil Stamping
Foil stamping is a process done by pressing colored foil onto a print surface using heated metal dies.

A folder is a piece of paper folded a single time to create a top fold or side fold with printing generally done on the front.

A sheet of paper folded in half twice to create four panels (front, inside left, inside right, and back).

Layers is a term used to define the multiple pieces of paper or other items assembled loosely or fastened together with glue, ribbon, etc., to create an invitation or other stationery ensemble.

Liners are the decorative paper used to cover the inside of an envelope for a coordinated, finished touch.

A panel is produced when a defined area of a piece of paper is sunk below the normal surface, essentially creating a raised frame around it. Panel may also be used to refer to the individual sections or "pages" of a folded invitation. A tri-fold, for example, has two folds to create three panels.

A durable, somewhat translucent paper made to imitate authentic parchment, which is processed from animal hides (usually sheep or goats).

Pearlizing is a process done by applying a luminous pearl-like finish to part of a printed piece, usually an embossed design.

A short-fold is created when a sheet of paper is folded once, although not exactly in half, forming a shorter front panel with a longer back panel.

Soft White
Soft-white is a toned down, softer shade of white with a hint of creamy color used to create it.

Thermography is a printing technique done by adding resin powder to wet ink on a print surface and then heating it to create a raised effect.

A tri-fold is created when a sheet of paper is folded twice to form three panels.

Vellum is a paper with a smooth, rich finish.

White is the standard shade of white, middle-ground when comparing to soft white and bright white.

A Z-fold is created when a sheet of paper is folded twice in zigzag fashion – like a fan or an accordion – to create three panels.

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We offer a variety of printing method options. Most of our personalized paper products are printed using thermography - a process that creates a beautiful, raised effect on the ink. Envelope flaps and greeting cards are flat printed. Foil stamping is an option for some greeting cards and many accessory items.

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Allow 2-3 days for production time and an additional 2-6 days for delivery time.

NOTE: Generally orders are shipped via UPS Ground Service. Be sure to add the appropriate shipping time (2 – 6 days) based on your location and selected shipping service level. For expedited delivery, indicate your preferred shipping service on the shipping screen.

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Checking Order Status
To check the status of an order, enter the Confirmation Number you received when you submitted the order along with the Billing ZIP/Postal Code.

Alternatively, you may sign in to My Account to view your entire Order History, including the status of all your orders.

Making Changes
To make changes on an order you've placed, please contact us immediately. We will confirm the status of your order to determine if the change(s) can be made at no additional cost to you. Depending on the status of the order, additional charges may apply to halt the order process in order to make the change(s). To avoid having to make changes and potentially incur additional charges, we encourage you to review your orders carefully before submitting them.

Order Cancellation
A service fee will be applied to each part of an order you request to cancel. If an order has already been printed, you will be charged full price for the entire order.

Ordering Additional Quantities
If you've placed an order and need to increase the quantity of that order, please contact us immediately. We will do our best to catch the order before it is in production. If your order cannot be stopped before production, we will notify you and provide you with the updated price including service fee, if applicable. To avoid these extra costs, we encourage you to include an "extra" quantity in your original order quantity.

To place a reorder of a previously fulfilled order, sign in to My Account and click on Order History. Locate the original order by using the Confirmation Number search tool or by searching for it manually in your list of past orders. Make any changes you want by editing your order and resubmitting it.

Expedited Shipping
Due to prompt order processing and efficient production times, we are unable to put a "RUSH" on orders once we receive them. You may, however, select an expedited shipping method when you place orders for speedier delivery.

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